Stronger, Cheaper, More convenient to transport and store, Paint or machine like wood

Installation and Assembly


Please check that your package contains:

  • 4 screws
  • 4 male sleeve connectors (Part A)
  • 4 female sleeve connectors (Part B)
  • 1 Left upright
  • 1 Right upright
  • 1 frame cross piece

Remove packaging and place the uprights and cross piece in formation on a flat surface so that the 45 degree cuts are aligned Peel back the rubber seal at the tops of the uprights and on either end of the cross piece.

  • Place the female sleeves (Part B) into the pre drilled holes on the left and right upright
  • Place the male sleeves (Part A) into the holes in the cross piece so that they connect with the female sleeve in the upright
  • Fasten the screws from the male sleeve in the cross piece to secure the frame
  • Cut the rubber seal as required and clip it back into place



4 Everframe is installed in a similar way to a timber door frame. 4 Everframe can be installed either while building the walls or can be fitted at a later stage. Options for installing 4 Everframe include the following:

  • Drill through door frame and rawl bolt or Hilti frame into the masonry. Plug when finished.
  • Screw a 90 degree bracket onto the top and bottom of the frame and fix this to your floor and lintel / brickwork
  • Screw a piece of hoop iron onto the outside of the door frame and bend this between brickwork
  • Foam frame in position

General Information

  1. 4 Everframe can be painted or left in its natural colour
  2. 4 Everframe can be cut, drilled or screwed as you would do for a natural timber door frame – do not attempt to nail.
  3. When hanging a door on 4 Everframe, the method is identical to hanging a door on a timber frame, and you can chisel out to a maximum of 3mm for the hinges and striker plate.
  4. Butt hinges or sinkless hinges may be used

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