Stronger, Cheaper, More convenient to transport and store, Paint or machine like wood

The 10 Year Guarantee Door frame

4 Everframe is a composite wood door frame manufactured from recycled wood & plastic.

Our composite door frame combines all the strength and convenience of wood door frames with enhanced properties that make it impervious to termites and wood borer.

4 Everframe will never absorb moisture, splinter, rot like wood, or rust like metal door frames.

The frames are also easier to store and transport as they can be screwed together on-site.

If you live in High-humidity, high-moisture environments or have extreme weather exposure areas 4 Everframe can help you.

If you have specific environmental considerations – such as salt spray, high insect populations, or moss – then 4 Everframe is right for you, because it has anti-insect, anti-fungal, and rot-resistant properties.

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